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20/JAN/2011 CzDC 0.699 D1 released...
16/JAN/2011 CzDC 0.699 D released...
24/DEC/2009 CzDC 0.699 C released...

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Bugs @ Problems / Re: CzDC++ 0699 [D] - cannot m...
Last post by PPK - 19 January, 2011, 12:58:26
It is bug, i don't know how that happen when code is not changed from 0.699[C]  :'(
Bugs @ Problems / CzDC++ 0699 [D] - cannot map d...
Last post by dakotafrost - 19 January, 2011, 09:59:00

I just downloaded and installed the new version of CzDC++ 0699 - revision [D], 32 bit.  It works great on my XP system, and I can connect to hubs and all of that, but I am unable to add share directories.  Whenever I click on "add folder", I get a box that is completely greyed out except for the lower text bar that reads "MY Computer"  I do not see a selectable map screen of my directories on my drives, and cannot click anything.  If I manually input a location, e.g. C:\HubShare\ I don't get the actual location shared, the program starts to hash the entire root drive.  version [C] still works fine.  Any ideas?
Otevrena diskuze / 0.699[D1]
Last post by PPK - 16 January, 2011, 19:16:34
Program vcetne debug souboru (32-bit)
Program vcetne debug souboru (64-bit)

Quote from: Seznam zmen
Pridano: Zapnuto Data Execution Prevention pro 32bit verzi pokud to system podporuje.
Pridano: Protekce proti vlozeni systemovych knihoven zkrz aktualni slozku.
Zmeneno: +/- ikony v seskupovani vysledku hlednani pouzivaji systemove ikonu pokud to Windows podporuji.
Zmeneno: Sipky na zalozkach seznamu zmeneny na nativni z Windows.
Zmeneno: Zakladni slozky pro nastaveni, stahovani a zaznamy.
Zmeneno: Vicenasobne spusteni, nyni funguje jen kdyz nove spustena instance ma CzDC.xml ve stejne slozce.
Opraveno: Prijimani prikazu v utf-8 kodovani.
Opraveno: Sposta varovani compileru, spousta neinicializovanych promennych. Spatny datovy typ (bool misto BOOL) v nekterych funkcich.
Opraveno: Spatna pozice a orientace menu v nekterych pripadech.
Opraveno: Tlacitka v okne adl hledani byly aktivni kdyz nemeli byt.
Opraveno: Menu v okne adl hledani a v okne oblibenych hubu fungovalo aniz by byl oznacen nejaky zaznam.
Opraveno: Spatna ikona pod Windows 7 pro slozky kdyz jsou zapnuty systemove ikony.
Opraveno: Chybejici IP uzivatelu pokud je hub posila pred seznamem uzivatelu.
Opraveno: Unik pameti za urcitych okolnosti pri kontrole hashe po stahnuti souboru.
Opraveno: Unik pameti v okne hubu pri posilani zpravy do chatu.
Opraveno: Pozice kliku mysi byla v nekterych pripadech chybne zpracovana.
Opraveno: Posunuti dolu v okne oblibenych hubu (thx [CZ]Titanium za nahlaseni).
Opraveno: Zapnuti-Vypnuti UPnP nyni patricne nastavi/zrusi mapovani pri zmene.
Prepsano: Posuvniky. Zjednoduseno, lepe vyhovuje potrebam CzDC gui.
Prepsano: Seskupovani vysledku hledani podle hashe. Nizsi zatez cpu, lepsi razeni.
Prepsano: Okno hledani.
   Dulezite volby hledani jsou v hornim pruhu, mene dulezite v levem pruhu (muze se automaticky schovat pri hledani).
   Lepe fungujici tab/shift+tab.
   Nizsi zatez cpu pri pridavani vysledku do seznamu.
   Lepsi zmena velikosti polozek pri zmene velikosti okna.
   Lepsi vzhled pri vypnutem seskupovani vysledku hledani.
   Lepsi zpracovani po kliku v menu na seskupenych vysledcicht -> funguje jako by byly oznaceny vsechny seskupene vysledky.
Ostatni: Drobne zmeny, opravy a uklid v kodu gui.
Aktualizovano: Bzip2 na 1.0.6.
Aktualizovano: Zlib na 1.2.5.

Quote from: Seznam zmen pro D1
Opraveno: Prochazeni pro slozky (thx dakotafrost a thomasxx za nahlaseni).
Open Discussion / 0.699[D1]
Last post by PPK - 16 January, 2011, 19:14:09
Binary with debug file (32-bit)
Binary with debug file (64-bit)

Quote from: Changelog
Added: Enabled Data Execution Prevention for 32bit version when system support that.
Added: Protectiong against current directory Windows DLL injection.
Changed: +/- images in search results grouping use system native icons when Windows support that.
Changed: List header arrows from custom ones to Windows native.
Changed: Default directories for config, downloads and logs.
Changed: Multiple instances, now available only when new instance have CzDC.xml in his directory.
Fixed: Receiving protocol commands encoded in utf-8.
Fixed: Many compiler warnings, many unitialized class members. Wrong data types (bool insted of BOOL) in some functions.
Fixed: Wrong position and orientation of menus in some cases.
Fixed: Buttons in adl search frame are enabled when they should not be.
Fixed: Menu in adl search frame and favorite frame was created when no item was selected.
Fixed: Wrong icon under windows 7 for folders when system icons are enabled.
Fixed: Missing user IPs when hub is sending UserIP before userlist.
Fixed: Memory leak in some cases on file hash checking after download is finished.
Fixed: Memory leak in hubframe on chat line sending.
Fixed: Mouse click position was incorrectly handled in some cases.
Fixed: Move down in favorite hubs (thx [CZ]Titanium for report).
Fixed: Enable/disable UPnP now correctly open/close ports on change.
Rewritten: Splitters. Less code, better meets needs of CzDC gui.
Rewritten: Search results grouping by hash. Lower cpu usage, better sorting.
Rewritten: Search frame.
   Important search option are on top bar, less important search options in left sidebar (can auto hide on search).
   Better working tab/shift+tab.
   Lower cpu usage on search result adding to list.
   Better items resize on windows size change.
   Better window look when grouping search results is disabled.
   Better menu click handling on grouped collapsed search result -> working like all items of that group are selected.
Other: Minor changes, fixes and cleanup in gui code.
Updated: Bzip2 to 1.0.6.
Updated: Zlib to 1.2.5.

Quote from: Changelog for D1
Fixed: Directory browse (thx dakotafrost and thomasxx for report).
Chyby @ Problemy / Problem czdc a firewall
Last post by Olda - 16 January, 2011, 14:24:09
Dobry den,
mam takovy mensi problem mam s czdc. Stahnul jsem czdc rozbalil spustil a povolil pres firewall. Vse je ok, lide mohou stahovat ode me a ja od nich. Ale, kdyz vypnu pocitac a druhy den zapnu nemohu se k nikomu pripojit a nikdo ode me nemuze nic stahovat. Kdyz, ale smazu vyjimku ve firewallu a znovu zapnu program a povolim tak vse funguje jak ma. Ovsem je to trochu neprakticke to takhle delat kazdy den. Nevite nekdo, jak to nastavit popripade co udelat, aby to slapalo tak jak ma??
Predem dekuji za odpoved.

PS: Mam Windosws 7 64-bit.
Open Discussion / Re: Anything new?
Last post by Mika - 12 January, 2011, 10:56:13
That's at least something! Thanks for your support :)
Open Discussion / Re: Anything new?
Last post by PPK - 10 January, 2011, 00:56:05
I'm checked actual UPnP implementation. I'm changed few things, added more time to router to reply when windoze communicating with him. As i'm checked in documentation and other implementations using same windows api here is not much more to do (only more what can be done is to check if port is not already used [i don't think that this is actual problem] and add exception to windows firewall when is enabled [i'm leaving that for user])  :rolleyes:
Open Discussion / Re: Anything new?
Last post by PPK - 06 January, 2011, 23:23:16
Sorry but i really don't want to replace one bad working UPnP implementation with another one bad working. For next release it will stay as it is :angel:
Open Discussion / Re: Anything new?
Last post by Mika - 06 December, 2010, 18:55:24
Well at least it works on my routers :D While the old implementation does not ;)
Open Discussion / Re: Anything new?
Last post by PPK - 05 December, 2010, 16:36:08
Updated ? It was replaced by another implementation, as result it is not working anymore for many users where UPnP working before :laughing1: For example and :rolleyes:
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