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03/MAR/2014 was temporary unavailable because of DDOS attack and hosting service provider issues...
20/JAN/2011 CzDC 0.699 D1 released...
16/JAN/2011 CzDC 0.699 D released...
24/DEC/2009 CzDC 0.699 C released...

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Posted by PPK
 - 26 March, 2011, 19:35:03
Sorting should be fixed, and few more things in update :rolleyes:
Posted by PPK
 - 22 February, 2011, 14:39:59
When sorting really not working correctly then i will fix that ;)
Posted by Swede
 - 21 February, 2011, 17:11:56
Also, is there any way to change back to the old search layout? The new one don't sort good. When i want to sort after "type" it sorts the users instead of sorting the type. Well, when i click on "type" it sorts after user when i click "size" to sort after size it sorts after "type" and so on. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i rearranged the order?

This is my current order.
File, Slots, Size, Type, Path and User the rest is hidden.

Otherwise good work! :)
Posted by Swede
 - 11 February, 2011, 18:35:21
Nice work, on thing tho.
I had to switch from the last version "c" to original dc because after i refreshed my list and a user with a current version of dc downloaded my list. The folders/files i just hashed in were empty/(or not shown at all). It could take some time until everything actually showed up.
Posted by PPK
 - 16 January, 2011, 19:14:09
Binary with debug file (32-bit)
Binary with debug file (64-bit)

Quote from: Changelog
Added: Enabled Data Execution Prevention for 32bit version when system support that.
Added: Protectiong against current directory Windows DLL injection.
Changed: +/- images in search results grouping use system native icons when Windows support that.
Changed: List header arrows from custom ones to Windows native.
Changed: Default directories for config, downloads and logs.
Changed: Multiple instances, now available only when new instance have CzDC.xml in his directory.
Fixed: Receiving protocol commands encoded in utf-8.
Fixed: Many compiler warnings, many unitialized class members. Wrong data types (bool insted of BOOL) in some functions.
Fixed: Wrong position and orientation of menus in some cases.
Fixed: Buttons in adl search frame are enabled when they should not be.
Fixed: Menu in adl search frame and favorite frame was created when no item was selected.
Fixed: Wrong icon under windows 7 for folders when system icons are enabled.
Fixed: Missing user IPs when hub is sending UserIP before userlist.
Fixed: Memory leak in some cases on file hash checking after download is finished.
Fixed: Memory leak in hubframe on chat line sending.
Fixed: Mouse click position was incorrectly handled in some cases.
Fixed: Move down in favorite hubs (thx [CZ]Titanium for report).
Fixed: Enable/disable UPnP now correctly open/close ports on change.
Rewritten: Splitters. Less code, better meets needs of CzDC gui.
Rewritten: Search results grouping by hash. Lower cpu usage, better sorting.
Rewritten: Search frame.
   Important search option are on top bar, less important search options in left sidebar (can auto hide on search).
   Better working tab/shift+tab.
   Lower cpu usage on search result adding to list.
   Better items resize on windows size change.
   Better window look when grouping search results is disabled.
   Better menu click handling on grouped collapsed search result -> working like all items of that group are selected.
Other: Minor changes, fixes and cleanup in gui code.
Updated: Bzip2 to 1.0.6.
Updated: Zlib to 1.2.5.

Quote from: Changelog for D1
Fixed: Directory browse (thx dakotafrost and thomasxx for report).
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