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Title: Socks problem
Post by: Auslander on 22 April, 2006, 22:07:19
Hi there! I would like to ask you.I am behind tiny firewall (winXP) and conected to Internet through proxy+(win98). I can downloaded hublist, but whenever I try to connect to any hub, I receive various mesages(depends on my try of conncection)
connection passive: unknown address
connection with socks5(written IP adress of computer with proxy) : Socks5: Connection refused by target machine
connection with socks5(wihout any concete address):  Socks5: Address not available

I dont know how to connect to hubs. Hublist are functional, but hubs not. Is there any way how can I find sock5 address of computer wiht win 98? Thanks for your answer.
Title: Re: Socks problem
Post by: Mickey on 23 April, 2006, 13:13:20
You have to use Passive connection not Socks5. Try other hubs too. Also check if your DNS is working. You can try connecting to IP instead of  hub address. Etc. etc.
Title: Re: Socks problem
Post by: Dooble on 23 April, 2006, 16:00:30
As far as I know, if you must use a proxy you can use Socks5 connection - but with that you will only be able to chat, not to down-/upload. Also a lot of hubsoft will not accept the connection type 5 and therefore disconnect you from the hub.

Try software or hardware routing instead of proxy to use the full functionality of DC++