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Title: Catalog of users -- from query
Post by: Fastertlit on 14 February, 2011, 21:33:17
Under the tab for users wanting things from me, there is a section where I can choose a user and the display shows what that user is requesting from me. Or I can just order the general list in several ways and take my chances.

Under the downloads tab I would like to see something like this for the users that I'm trying to get things from. If I've waited for stuff from a user for a long time and he usually doesn't stay on for long, I would like to be able to sort the query and be able to prioritize my request from him to maximize the best things to download first. Also if he isn't going to be on long I would like to get the small stuff first while he is on. If he isn't giving me anything I would like to leave the priorities as they are for any of the other users attached to those individual requests. This listing function would be useful in finding users that have changed their filelist over the months.

I'm a big fan of CzDC, thanks.....